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You can download the free version on the Amazon Kindle store; or click here to buy the book at Amazon. There is an African legend that a man in the East can walk on water, that he has a magical house where he eats and drinks and sleeps and performs other mundane tasks, and that when a goat enters his house he goes out to greet it and invites the goat inside to partake of his food and drink and sleep. There are a few ancient people who do walk on water, but they get pushed under as the legend is recounted. The fact is, all physical and emotional life has a spiritual counterpart. If we are not at one with our spiritual life, if we do not know who we are and the purpose of our lives, we will be pushed under by the material world. There is a mystery about that, that we cannot describe, because we do not understand ourselves. We do not know what is us. The house is not an entity that resides in our brain. We have no brain. The house is only the story we tell ourselves, or the structure that tells itself. Because of our limited knowledge of the physical world, we identify it with what we know. We mistake it for a solid entity that is not a symbol, a metaphor, an idea, and a word. We have a story, an explanation, that we can attribute to something that we believe to be a solid entity. But the story is not the house, it is not the concrete, it is not the wall, it is not the roof, it is not the windows, it is not the dirt, it is not the grass, it is not the clouds, it is not the sky, it is not the Earth, it is not the Creator, it is not the Soul, it is not God, it is not God. It is not an entity. It is not the physical world. The physical world is not an entity. That is a story, that is an explanation. It is not the house. The house is an idea. The house is a symbol. The house is a story that tells us how we are to live. The house is our inner life. The house is our spiritual life. The house is where we experience ourselves, not outside. We know that we are not the house. We know that we are the mind that is telling the house. We know that we are the soul that is telling the house. We know that we are the body that is telling the house. We know that the




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